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The Collection [Dec. 11th, 2018|11:53 pm]



The Collection

What makes a person special? Who decides what is and what isn't special? What one person deems special, others deem unimportant. Some people stand out for the things they achieve in their lives. Some are noticed for their beauty. Some have special talents. Others are special in that they don't stand out at all. Who are worthy of being collected and who are not?

The Collection is an Anime PanFandom sandbox RPG. Characters from all anime fandoms have been gathered together to form the ultimate collection on an Island that is all their own and one they cannot escape from.

No one really knows how they managed to get to the Island. More importantly, no one knows why they were brought there in the first place. Upon their arrival, each character wakes in a room of their own within the city, a collection of their belongings with them, and what appears to be a travel brochure for the Island. Is this a virtual world? Or the real world? There are no logout menus. No life bars. No other instructions or explanations are offered. Does that prove reality over virtual? The questions continue to pile up with little to no answers to dispel the confusion. There is nothing but the vague welcome of the unknown drifting through the air.

welcome to your new life....


St. Margaret’s Academy [Dec. 5th, 2018|02:01 pm]


Rule #1 - Keep your fangs and claws to yourself: no snacking on the student body.
Rule #2 - No magic in the hallways.
Rule #3 - A full moon is no excuse for not having made your homework.

The '18-'19 academic year has begun. At St. Margaret's Academy, there's no such thing as normal.
Open since 2013, St. Margaret's Academy is looking for great RPers and fresh faces. We're a fun and laid back group, so enrol your progeny today!

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